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About Osaes Il Shyr

"Shyl shia shyr, eil ialoror ail vesyri. Shi eisi oli. Oli shyr. Oli osaes. Oli ker."

"Bound by blood, and unified in purpose. We are one. One blood. One order. One guild."

                                                                                                                                  - Quillathe Damrodel

Welcome to the home of Osaes il Shyr. Our membership is comprised of raiders who have played together for much of their World of Warcraft careers. Our goal is to enjoy all of the content that the game has to offer, without sacrificing the morality, decency and civility that is hopelessly lost upon most "hardcore" raiding guilds. There is a wonderful synergy that exists between progression, friendship and enjoyment of the game. One cannot flourish without the others. In time, this lesson is learned by most, and never by an unmitigable few.

In Osaes il Shyr, we are connected to each other by the strongest of virtue - friendship. We do not play for adoration, rankings, or epic items. We PLAY for the challenge of defeating the content that is provided, and we play to enjoy the fellowship of our friends. We refuse to refer to this game as "work", and we refuse to settle for anything less than the euphoria of a well played first boss kill completed by a band of brothers and sisters that care more about each other than the guild name and tabard that they are adorned with. Therein lies our true allegiance. All things must come to an end. When the last dragon is slain and the last quest completed, none of what we have accomplished, nothing that we have collected, and nothing that we so dearly coveted in this game will be worth even a grain of sand. What will last, through this game, into the next and possibly for a lifetime - will be the memories shared, and the friendships that we forged. We insist that both be fond and gratifying.

THIS is who we are. This is Osaes il Shyr.

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